New website design and blog!

So after some weeks of running Kawaaii Radio without any issues!
I decided to give the website a major boost and started using a CMS as backend.

So it's easier for me to update the content on the website when needed.
also I decided to (at least try) maintain a blog, to keep you guys more up to date.

I do also have to admit, that writing blogs is not a thing I have a lot of experience with.
So I hope the blogs/articles I write are at least fun or easy to read.

Why the CMS?
So I decided to do this, as I said before, so it will be easier to write blogs/articles without having to edit the entire website/project every single time.
Ofcourse there are better ways, but I decided to go for a CMS because they are in general way easier.

Will this change how the website works?
Ofcourse some things will change such as the player, that will be rendered different.
But thats still a work in progress and I hope to have that fixed up as soon as possible.

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